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Vitam Luxuria; it is what we strive for at Lux E-Liquid. Originally designed by a group of individuals who were tired of common, run-of-the-mill and boring e-liquid, Lux has become synonymous with ultra-high quality and delectable flavor. Luxurious and delicately crafted by our team of chemists as they spin ingredients into e-liquid gold, Lux provides maximum flavor and vapor production for the discerning vaper. Try a bottle today and start living the life of luxury.

Auri Signum; it is what is reflected in everything we do. Lux is a brand of opulence, a brand of success and a brand for those seeking more out of their e-liquid. Every single piece, all the way down to the bottle, is held to the gold standard for e-liquid and it shows. Enjoy all of the glamour of the best e-liquid in the world today with five of the finest e-liquids ever produced on our roster, and you will see why Lux has become the gold standard of e-liquid.

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Auri Signum. Vitam Luxuria.

The golden standard for your life of luxury.

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